“Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…”

A lot of blog writers are unaware of the low attention spans people on the internet have. People don’t usually don’t want to be stuck reading a three paragraph entry post on whatever topic. The internet’s attention span is very minimal. That’s why Larry Ferlazzo’s blog is so captivating. He posts videos, gifs, quotes, other websites to engage the reader (rather than a long thought-out essay). Not to say that those blogs don’t receive hits, but I love various forms of media in blogs. As I was scrolling through the different entries, one video that he posted caught my attention. Check it out, below:

This video is essentially an animated short that involves fictional characters between a teacher an a policy maker. Although, it’s very funny, I hear it all the time. “Teachers need to be held accountable for low-performing students.” Even if the students come from a rough background and speak minimal English  Makes no sense to me. The video is definitely an eye opener to any aspiring teachers or long-term teachers.

I am also very interested in Chicago Public Schools. I followed the mayhem when the teachers went on a strike and enjoy reading how they are going to fix the issue of this major school district. Chicago decided to close down 49 elementary schools in impoverished neighborhoods. Ferlazzo posts an entry about this situation and shares a quote from an interview with the school union. I shared this below:


Ferlazzo’s blog stems around topics such as current events, teaching tools, education policy, bullying, videos on self-improvement, etc. All of these posts are very practical to not only a teacher, but to how to live our lives very effectively. This is definitely a blog I will be checking in regularly! Good job Mr. Ferlazzo.

Check it out: http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/

**images/videos taken from blog***


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