Twitter Can Be Educational…Say Whaaaaa??

Oh Twitter.

What a very simple concept. It’s a great social learning website that is gaining so much popularity. I have been using Twitter for entertainment purposes for over two years. It’s a great place to just post opinions and/or musings you have. However, I didn’t realize all the education you can get from following the right people. When I started my new twitter account, I literally sat with my phone for about an hour and reading articles that educators or bloggers post on their page. I was fascinated by the amount of information I could find by putting in the right hashtag. I always like to look up popular hashtags such as  #thewalkingdead (love that show!), but now I search #elementaryeducation and find so much useful information. I always knew I could, but I guess I just never looked at twitter as educational. I guess I looked to it as a mindless tool I use when I’m bored. Nevertheless, I see myself keeping the new account as my professional career progresses. I can see myself connecting with a lot of other educators and picking up information from them along the way.

Oh Twitter. You’re one of a kind.

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One thought on “Twitter Can Be Educational…Say Whaaaaa??

  1. j0w87844 says:

    You’re absolutely right! Who knew that Twitter could be an awesome educational tool?! I always avoided it because I thought it would just be another mindless distraction (ok, and admittedly, maybe I was slightly intimidated by it, too…). What we learn in this class just keeps surprising me. What’s next?!

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