Wordle? Count Me In!

When I first heard about Wordle, I was instantly drawn to the idea. Just a simple idea that could work. (aren’t those the best?). Wordle is essentially a word cloud tool that I believe will be so effective in the classroom.

How it works: Simple. You paste the words you want in your word cloud clicking, “create” and voila, they appear in a word cloud. Simple, right? (Keep in mind that the words you use the most will appear the biggest in your word cloud.)

Ideas for implementing in a classroom : 

– Get the student to paste their own paper in the word cloud. They can create something visually for their classmates to see.

– Wordle could also be a paper editing tool. A child can paste their paper in the word cloud and see what words are being repeated the most. Their final edit will consist of using alternatives for those repeated words.

– Get students to form an about me word cloud for the beginning of the year to get acquainted with other students and the teacher

– Brainstorm with the class about a specific topic and paste it in wordle to see the students thoughts in a word cloud.

– Let the student do a creative project with their favorite poem.

Just a few ideas that could work. Feel free to add any you guys think of!

Wordle: Bob Marley


^^^ Click above. I made my own word cloud with Bob Marley’s – Everything’s Gonna Be All Right.


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