The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching

Nuts and Bolts

I admire teachers who take risks. Instead of teaching a boring lecture on the Holocaust that students will probably forget, Shelly Wright, a 10th grade teacher allowed her students to learn about the Holocaust through project based learning. Instead of being the “knowing guru,” she became a co-learner with her students. That to me, is very powerful. To be able to learn with your students provides a much more effective way of teaching. The way Shelly allowed her students to take full reign of this project makes me wonder if that is truly how we should be teaching. To allow students to take over is very effective in student learning. The student will feel a sense of responsibility and pride, in a way.

This Holocaust project based learning was not individualized work, but instead it was a collaborative effort. Everyone was learning from each other and utilizing their teamwork strategy. When students want to learn and literally research without the teacher informing them, then you know you’ve done something right as a teacher.

Like Shelly said,  “It doesn’t get much better than this: Collaborating. Communicating. Connecting.” It sounds like a tagline for a new electronic gadget, but no, it’s how Shelly believes educating students should be done. And frankly, I agree.


One thought on “The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching

  1. sjknight says:

    It is hard to give up our control of the learning in our classrooms. Once we take this leap, we need to recognize everything won’t work the first time:) you can’t plan for everything. Personalized learning experiences will not be easy for many of our students, until it is modeled by teachers like you:)

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