WE ARE TEACHERS (Twitter Resource)

While looking for people to follow on Twitter, I came across We Are Teachers. They are an online community specializing in teacher social network. They have such interesting and informative tweets that I love reading into. Plus, I can connect with other teachers and share information, ideas and comments.

They tweet about everything that has to do with education, resources for teachers, and miscellaneous information to better yourself. It’s definitely a must look for anyone interested in the education realm. Below I share a few tweets that stood out and might help other upcoming teachers with their lessons.

1. What is the best part of yourself? — A picture was tweeted about an example of a writing prompt for early elementary school. I love this child’s response.


2. 15 Musical Instrument Crafts for kids

This site tweeted by We Are Teachers gives you ideas on how to make awesome craft instruments using various craft materials! I LOVE THESE CRAFTS. Can you tell how excited I got when I saw these? I absolutely love anything to do with music so it was no surprise that I was gravitated towards these crafts. It’s summer camp at my preschool and I just might try these out with my students. YAH!

3. Ice Breakers for Middle School.

Check out these ice breakers for the first week of school to get your kids to open up. Informative and could be modified to fit any grade!

4. Building a story activity. Below is the picture tweeted that gives a writing activity. Yellow = character, Red = conflict, Green = setting, Blue = “Special”. The student would choose one of each and then make up a story based on what they got. AWESOME IDEA!


5. Teach punctuation using post it notes!


Those are just a few of the many informative tweets We Are Teachers posts for their followers. Check them out. Follow them. You won’t be disappointed!

One thought on “WE ARE TEACHERS (Twitter Resource)

  1. mrschykirda says:

    Thanks for recommending that organization! I will definitely follow them! I love the ideas you pulled out.

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