Podcast Response…

You know, I love the idea of a podcast, but to me, it’s just not something I can really get into. Maybe because I easily get distracted when I listen to something without any visual, but I could never really get into just listening to something. Even talk radio is kind of hard for me. With that said, I did listen to an interesting podcast about a “flipped classroom.” This episode was Troy Cockrum interviewing Julie Schell, a senior educational researcher who spoke upon the benefits of a flipped classroom. One thing that she suggested was for the students to complete homework in the classroom and use home time to view videos based on your lesson. This in turn, allows one-on-one learning. Schell stated that the only way for a flipped classroom to truly work is allowing feedback from the students. She mentioned a lot of interesting ideas on how to flip your classroom. It is definitely a good listen if you have some times

When it comes down to the fact of whether or not I would implement podcasts in my future lesson plans, I guess it would all depend. Because I want to be an early elementary school teacher, I am not quite sure of how that would fit in my lessons being that young children are much more visual. I think it could work more for middle and high school students, but I can’t think of ways to implement them in a K-2 room. Maybe I just need examples of how it could work. It seems like an interesting concept to allow students to make their own podcasts, but as of now, maybe I need to look into it more. However, I am always very open=minded about ways to teach a classroom!




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